What do you charge?

We charge run fees of £3.30 for each run, which are paid to the Run Leader who has invested the time in planning and then leading the run. We do this, so that everyone knows where they stand - the runner and run leader are both committed to turning up. You know that we have a trained and qualified Run Leader who will take pride in delivering the run and feels responsible for your safety and enjoyment.

We also charge an annual membership for each calendar year of £10. This basically keeps the club going - ensures that we can afford our website, accountancy and marketing fees; can afford to train our Run Leaders with England Athletics; keep our first aid training up to date and invest in the odd bit of equipment. Once you have been running with us, you can then decide whether or not it's for you. The annual subs payment is set up as a subscription on our bookaby system. We'll chase you for membership, once you've been running with us for a month or more ;-)

Our courses also have a charge per course.

Are Men allowed on your runs?

Although we started as a women only club, we have been demand led by the interest shown by some men (largely partners of female honeys!) who also wanted to enjoy our runs. Therefore, some of our runs are mixed. These are all clearly marked on our Run Schedule, so if you're more comfortable running with women only, there's still plenty of opportunity. It takes a brave man to run with a club called runnyhoneys, but those that do, seem unphased :-)

Are you affiliated to England Athletics (and can I therefore get a £2 discount on some race entries)?

No, we are NOT what England Athletics calls an affiliated club. We will continue to assess whether this is a good idea for us, but at present we fit better with the newer model of a RunTogether group. RunTogether groups are part of England Athletics (so we use England Athletics training courses and qualifications) but are less traditional and without the need for the fees , bureacracy and setup of a full-blown sports club. We are however affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC), so you can get the £2 discount for any races governed by their body's rules. ARC also provide our Race Licence for any races that we organise.