RunTogether Club of the Year 2016 (London Region)
runnyhoneyrunner since: 2005 
fave place to run: the South Downs
least likely to say: "I don't dance"
best run track: Little by Little - Radiohead
what I crave post-run : peanut butter on toast and bananas
running mantra: Strong and Fast and Fit and Ready

I can’t imagine life without running and starting runnyhoneys has largely come about to justify the amount of time that I devote to it!

I founded runnyhoneys because sharing a run with others, offering guidance and support, helping each other through the tricky times and seeing the improvement in performance is very rewarding.
Equally, sometimes running to me is just about getting out there, freeing the body and the mind and feeling great to be alive!
I’m a UKA Coach in Running Fitness and hold a Sports First Aid certificate (May 2014)