RunTogether Club of the Year 2016 (London Region)
Votwo USN Dorney Evening Triathlon 30.5.2012

Votwo USN Dorney Evening Triathlon 30.5.2012

Runner Since: Would never call myself a runner, more a triathlete – and that way I can get away with running like a lolling ship that lumbers around – you’ll understand what I mean when you see me run!

Fave place to run:  A beach, any beach

Least likely to say:  “Oh I couldn’t possibly have yet another glass of wine”
Best run track:  Err…..there are far too many… that really helped during my ironman though was Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe – put a bit of a spring back into the tired legs
What I crave post run:  Chocolate milk, and lots of it
Running mantra:  Don’t have one…..perhaps that’s where I’ve been going wrong!?!?!?!?