RunTogether Club of the Year 2016 (London Region)


Marathon training, particularly the long runs, can be really tough if you tackle it alone. If you’re targeting a spring marathon, joining this programme will mean that you have company!

We can tailor a training programme to suit your experience, your lifestyle, your marathon date and your ambition. This will include monthly running programmes, advice on nutrition, help with post-run recovery and support throughout a 16 week period. Or you might already have a programme that you’re happy with, in which case we’ll plan around that and you can join the long runs. To help me to see how you’re getting on, and to generally support each other, we’ll share our runs in a private Strava group. There’s nothing like getting feedback from others and being able to look back at how you’re improving!

Long runs of different lengths and paces are all possible, it just gets my grey matter really working to coordinate! So don’t worry if you think that your pace is going to be different, within reason, we’ll be able to work it out. The basic principles of marathon training will be consistent :

  • build the distance weekly, but plan in recovery weeks. This means that you’re able to recover and for the training to take effect as oppose to a relentless increase week on week
  • incorporate tempo and speed training runs to work on your endurance and strength
  • include a half marathon as a good check point sometime in the 2nd / 3rd month
  • take the mileage up to 2 or 3 runs of around 3 hours duration
  • get to know your marathon race pace and include sections of runs at this pace during the last half of your training
  • taper off over the last 2 or 3 weeks of your training and start working on the brain: grow your confidence, don’t panic and prepare for the big day

We’re starting straight after Christmas – runs will be scheduled on RunTogether

Contact Sue to register interest and to give us some background.